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Records Management and Document Storage

Document storage

With increasingly complex records retention regulations and privacy concerns rising, records management is becoming a more important area of focus for organisations. Storing your records offsite can provide added efficiency, security and peace of mind, so that you can focus on your core business.

Records centres

  • Designed to meet the most stringent industry standards for the safeguarding and access of hard copy records
  • Highly secured, alarmed facilities monitored 24/7 
  • Use of latest fire detection and suppression systems technology.
  • Employees are issued security badges and visitors are accompanied by an authorised employee.

Client service

  • Dedicated Records Centre Specialists to ensure expert handling of your confidential records
  • Always speak to a local Client Care Representative, not a call centre located in another region
  • Order requests can be made by email, or our OASIS Online web-ordering system

Fast and efficient access to your records

  • Process of organising, storing and accessing your records less daunting.
  • Records are picked up from your office, barcoded, scanned and added to a storage location in an OASIS records centre.
  • Authorised individuals request information via phone or web, based on pre-selected criteria
  • Choice of active file management or container level storage and tracking
  • Full record activity and audit trail of each records request through us of barcode lables, barcode scanners and signed receipts
  • Utilise OASIS Online to locate files using barcode number, internal cross reference number or though full item description
  • Optimises the records that your company maintains through retention schedules

Cost effective

  • Frees up valuable real estate, man hours and financial resources.
  • Re-allocation of office space to core business functions, allowing revenue generating activity
  • Less time is wasted searching for information thereby streamlining time and labour costs


  • Next-day, same-day, and priority-rush services
  • 24 / 7 emergency services
  • Secure vehicles and highly trained transportation specialists

Special services

  • Records project management
  • Scan-on-demand to streamline records retrieval requests
  • Imaging and electronic records management solutions

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