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FAQ Shredding and Destruction

Why should my company use a shredding service instead of shredding the information ourselves?

Using our shredding services saves you time and money. Office shredders can take several labour hours to shred all the documents that you need to be shredded. Plus, our shredding services save you the cost of the shredder and its maintenance, and also the office space a shredder would take up.

How often should I use shredding services?

How often you use shredding services will depend on your company’s specific needs. We offer several options for our shredding services from a one time purge to a regularly scheduled pick-up. Also, we can customise your services if you have multiple locations.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes. Once your confidential information is securely shredded, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Do you only shred paper documents?

No. We also shred media including CD’s, DVD’s, backup tape and hard drives. Also, we can destroy and recycle your electronic office equipment.

If we have items in your records centre that are scheduled for destruction, are they automatically destroyed?

No. We will not shred any of your records in our records centre until the request is given in writing by an authorised person.