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Why is OASIS the best solution for storing my archive?

OASIS operates as an international service provider in the field of Information and Records Management in the broadest sense of the definition. We have over 10 years experience as a professional and dedicated service provider. We have enough experience and expertise to improve the way you handle and care about your records.

For us, our specialist approach to Records Management is key. OASIS is the only service provider that offers a platform for Records Management, Digital Information Management, Confidential Destruction and Data Protection services as a total solution.

In a world that is moving always more toward digital solutions, we can digitise your documents and store them (long-term) in our records centers or even destroy them.

Our climate-controlled Records Centres are protected at the highest level against burglary, damage and fire. Some of the methods we utilise to prevent incidents is by keeping archives in separate compartments and automatic-slamming fire doors. Our Records Centres meet the BORG-2 standards for safety and security and our storage procedures and management are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

We strive to always offer you the most safe and secure solution for storing your archives, while keeping what is important to you confidential. Only authorised employees of OASIS have access to the repository of the Record Centres and all OASIS employees are strictly regulated by signing a confidentiality agreement.

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