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How does OASIS protect its Records Centres against fire, water and other damage?

Your archive contains documents that are of great value to you. OASIS implements the highest security measures to protect your files against fire, water and other damage. Our security procedures are always checked and certified.

The OASIS Records Centres are approved by the Archive Inspection regulations, meeting all the following mandatory attributes:

  • Detached Record Centres completely surrounded by fencing
  • Air-conditioned centres
  • Moisture-conditioned centres
  • Pest-prevention system
  • CCTV cameras for security and surveillance
  • Restricted access control and security through card readers
  • Every 90 seconds a pulse is sent to a control room to detect burglary attempts
  • In compliance with fire prevention requirements according to NEN-2535
  • Protected against burglary and vandalisation according to BORG-2

Your archive is protected against fire

  • Our Records Centres are protected against fire by meeting the latest fire safety requirements:
  • All our Record Centres are divided into separate fireproof compartments.
  • Direct reporting to local fire department through a fixed line connection (not through a control center).
  • Fire Information Panel to detect and pinpoint the location of a fire immediately.

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