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Is OASIS compliant with laws and regulations?

OASIS has very high standards for quality and compliance. Our certifications validate our commitment to these high standards. These certifications show that OASIS is making every effort to ensure its customers very high standards of quality while constantly striving to improve the company and its procedures.

ISO 9001

OASIS is ISO-9001 certified. Coupled with this certification OASIS performs ongoing projects to further improve the quality of its service.

Read more about the certifications of OASIS.


What does Records Management at OASIS looks like?

Preparation phase


  • All employees of OASIS with access to the archives are strictly regulated by signed confidentiality agreements.
  • All employees undergo background checks.


  • The Records Centres are air conditioned in accordance to laws and regulations.
  • The Records Centres are protected against theft, vandalism and fire according to BORG-3.
  • The Records Centres are BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified.
  • The Records Centres are constantly measured and regulated for optimal temperature and humidity.


  • Security systems are in place for monitoring and controlling access to archives. The Access Control System keeps a record of persons that have been granted access.
  • Areas are separated in different fire compartments.
  • Direct reporting to local fire department through a fixed line connection (not through a control center).
  • Fire Information Panel to detect and pinpoint the location of a fire immediately.
  • Every 90 seconds a pulse is sent to a control room to detect burglary attempts.
  • Pest prevention.


  • OASIS only uses its own equipment, materials and personnel (no external hiring).

Production phase


  • Only qualified and authorised OASIS staff have access to the repository of the Records Centres.
  • Employees are clearly identifiable through access badges and are required to wear our uniforms.
  • Password-protected online Records CManagement System, OASIS Online.

Quality (Accountability and traceability)

  • The records go through various checks from the time of entry to the Records Center until final placement in the repository.
  • All records are tracked with a barcode system.
  • Coordination and execution of work is supervised by a project leader.

Completion Phase


  • All records are kept in good and orderly condition.
  • All records are accounted for and made accessible through paper and digital inventories.

Aftercare Phase


  • We request a Customer Satisfaction Evaluation to help us monitor and improve our services.
  • We request a Job Evaluation to help us monitor and improve our services.

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