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Is external archive storage expensive?

We are often asked whether external archive storage is expensive. Our answer is: in almost all cases external archive storage is cheaper than doing it yourself. Some of the internal archiving costs include office space, electricity, heating and staff for managing and handling of the archive. By eliminating these costs external storage is most likely cheaper than storing your archives internally.

Moreover, in the majority of cases an internal archive is not as secure against burglary, water, fire, and pests.
Finally, with internal archiving often there is no document management presence, leading to a lack of accountability and traceability of files.

OASIS meets all the standards and requirements necessary to ensure quality and safety, because our core business is Records Management. Your archive is in our professional hands, so you can focus on your business.

OASIS secures its archives to the highest standards. Our buildings are protected against fire, water damage, and vermin. Through our own Document Management System, you can quickly search your archive and retrieve documents. In short, storage at OASIS is safer, more efficient, and more economical than internal management of your archive.

Each method of archiving has its own costs

The cost for storage is determined by the method you choose for letting us manage your archives. OASIS can store your files in the following methods, depending on how often you will need to retrieve your files:

  • Dynamic, if you have daily or weekly retrievals;
  • Semi-static, if you have less frequent retrievals;
  • Static, if you rarely or never retrieve. One example of this is archives that you only need to store due to laws and regulations. These files are stored in our inexpensive deep-storage concept, where they will be stored safely for as long as you need.

Depending on your requirements, we determine the optimal method of storage. Naturally, all your files are stored fully conditioned.

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