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How quickly is a retrieved record or box delivered to me?

Anytime you need to retrieve a document OASIS works with the utmost care so that you have it as soon as possible.

If you request a record or box before 4 pm, OASIS delivers the document to your office the next business day. You can also choose to digitise the information you need for faster delivery. Your digitised document is made available exclusively to you in our archive system OASIS Online.

OASIS can deliver your records in the following ways:

  • Digital through 'scan on demand' in our online Archive Management System, OASIS Online;
  • With secure transportation to your office by OASIS;
  • At one of our Record Centres, by giving you authorised access to secure areas;
  • Pick up at one of our record centres.

Urgent delivery

OASIS can deliver urgent retrievals physically to your office within 3 hours or digitally within 2 hours. In a personal consultation we can discuss different service levels that will suit your needs.

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