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How much does it cost to store my archive at OASIS?

The cost of storing your archive at OASIS depends on how we manage your archive. OASIS can store your archive from a highly dynamic method at file level, to a very static method through deep storage. Depending on your requirements, we will discuss with you the best method that suits your needs. We will then present you with a competitive proposal based on your needs and requirements.

Tailored to suit your needs

You want to store your documents safely and reliably, yet have the physical document readily in your hands if you need it again. Or maybe, you are just looking for an economical way to store your files without worrying about protection against fire, water damage, burglars or pests. OASIS has a professional and economical solution for all your storage needs.

Our staff can advise you on what is the best solution, depending on what is important to you for storing your documents. Want to know more? Please contact us so we can inform you about our services and costs, without any obligations.

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