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How big does my archive have be to have it externally stored by OASIS?

The answer to this question is: we can store any size archive. From one box file to thousands of storage boxes, OASIS is always the best solution in document storage. Our clients range from sole traders to local government agencies and multinational corporations.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable partner to store your documents, OASIS always has the right solution to suit your needs.

We specialise in document storage in all shapes and sizes.

Not only can you store any size archive, you can do so by choosing from different methods of storage:

  • Dynamic, if you have daily or weekly retrievals;
  • Semi-static, if you have less frequent retrievals;
  • Static, if you rarely or never retrieve. One example of this is archives that you only need to store due to laws and regulations. These files are stored in our inexpensive deep-storage concept, where they will be stored safely for as long as you need.

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