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Scanning solutions

Discover the OASIS scanning services and make way for true optimisation of your business processes

At OASIS, digitisation means more than merely scanning existing photos or documents. The OASIS scanning services convert your files, generally spread across your organisation in different formats, into data that is of use to you and your computer, allowing you to make the transition from a physical, analogue archive to a completely digital archive.

Thematic scanning of large volumes of documents, phased transition from physical to digital file management, and scanning on demand are all possibilities.

OASIS delivers your digitised files in the format and on the carrier of your preference, or makes them available online for viewing through a secure connection by staff members that have been authorised by you.

Using advanced search methods such as OCR, we are able to find your documents quickly and efficiently, and we can just as easily add new files.

OASIS Scanning Services

OASIS specialises in high-end scan technologies and is the best partner for comprehensive document processes that place high demands on imaging techniques and automated document processing. OASIS has expert knowledge in the field of the digitisation of photographic materials and automated conversion techniques, such as the conversion of analogue to structured computer data through OCR/OMR/ICR.

In the area of digital archiving, OASIS provides an extensive package of services, such as:

  •  Thematic digitisation of entire archives, back log conversion
  •  Phased transition from physical to digital file management
  •  Scanning on demand out of our archive storage

OASIS has its own IT department, always ready and more than happy to develop a customised solution for you.

OASIS strives for rapid processing while maintaining the highest level of quality. For this reason it works with different high-volume scanners which, depending on your needs and desires, can be adjusted for:

  • light- and speed calibration
  • resolution (dpi)
  • single or double sided
  • colour or greyscale
  • pre- or post print

OASIS offers scanning of:

  • sizes A5 to A0
  • files and certificates
  • photos
  • magazines, newspapers and books
  • technical drawings

The digitised files can subsequently be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD, tape or microfilm, and can also be viewed online through a secure web interface.

Those digitised files that legally require the original document being kept can be stored at OASIS under optimal conditions as a static or (semi) dynamic archive. The indexing information pertaining to these files is stored in a primary relational database, creating a perfect link between the digital and the physically archived document or file.

The benefits for you

You save space, time and therefore money!
One source: Your various data files and processes are streamlined on a single platform.
Improved communication: You simplify the exchange of documentation and information, both internally and externally.
Efficiency: You improve your work processes, enabling you to respond faster to the needs of your customers and increasing your productivity.
Safety: You improve the security of your data.

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