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Why choose OASIS?

More than ever, your company faces the challenge of working faster and more efficiently

As an expert in document management, OASIS offers innovative solutions and technologies for managing your company information in a safe and efficient manner, wherever and whenever you like.

Over 5,000 companies already rely on our intelligent solutions, with a proven positive impact on their performance and profitability. The proper information in the proper hands can lead to amazing results!

Integrated Document Management solutions under one roof:

  • Solutions for archives varying from static to dynamic;
  • A full range of scanning services;
  • Data back-up services;
  • Three high-quality services that lead to a comprehensive solution in the total chain of document management;
  • You avoid any inefficiencies caused by working with different suppliers, who each have their own processes and systems;
  • You avoid unnecessary complexities in the management of various contracts and invoices, enabling you to streamline your purchasing process.

Customised Document Management Systems

  • Our infomratiot management system is developed “in-house”, specifically tailored to our activities; but leave room for the necessary flexibility and have the capacity to adapt to any specific wishes you may have.
  • The option of integrating our system into practically any internal application.
  • The option of tracking information on transactions in “real-time.

A stable and dependable partner

Thanks to the financial strength of our group structure, we are a stable and reliable partner. You can always depend on our many years of international expertise, coupled with on-going and sustained investments that allow us to continue to protect the interests of our relationships in the future.